Photos: Paula Court

POOR THEATER a series of simulacra

Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte

With: Ari Fliakos, Sheena See, Scott Shepherd, Kate Valk,
Joby Emmons, Sam Gold

Set: Ruud van den Akker
Sound: Geoff Abbas
Additional Sound: John Collins, Matt Schloss, Omar Zubair
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
Live Video Mix: Iver Findlay, Reid Farrington, Andrew Schneider
Documentary Videos: Ken Kobland
Additional Video: Reid Farrington, Chris Kondek
Production Manager: Bozkurt Karasu
Additional Set Pieces: Jim Findlay
Master Electrician: Gabe Maxson
Movement Coach: Natalie Thomas
Technical Assistant: Joby Emmons
Polish Coach: Zenon Kruszenicki
Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Sam Gold
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Margaret Mann

On Video:
Jennifer Tipton as herself
Maria Shvetsova as a critic

Special Thanks to:
William Forsythe, Mike Figgis, and Roslyn Sulcas

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Show History
March - April - May 2003: rehearsals
September - October - November 2003: rehearsals
November 19 - December 19 2003: performances at TPG
January - February 2004: rehearsals
February 18 - April 24 2004: performances at TPG
September 22 - 26 2004: performances at RedCat, Los Angeles, CA
October 5 - 10 2004: performances at Hebbel am Ufer Theater/Hau II, Berlin, Germany
October 16 - 20 2004: performances at Festival of Theater Festivals, Teatr Dramatyczny, Warsaw, Poland
November 10 - December 19 2005: performances at TPG
June 23 - July 2 2005: performances at Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium
September 14 - October 15 2005: performances at TPG
May 19 - 26 2008: rehearsals
June 21 - 24 2008: performances at Eurokaz Festival in Zagreb, Croatia

David Savran, "The Death of the Avantgrade" in TDR
Kermit Dunkelberg, "Confrontation, Simulation, Admiration" in TDR
Thomas Lawson, "Not a Condition but a Process" in Afterall
Jane Philbrick, "Devotion and Betrayal" in Afterall
Barbara Clausen, "After the Act" from MUMOK
Ben Brantley, review in The New York Times
Jessica Slote, review on T2K
Stephen Bottoms, review in Theater Journal