CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida)

Text by William Shakespeare
Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte

Featuring performances by Jim Fletcher, Ari Fliakos, Koosil-ja, Greg Mehrten, Suzzy Roche, Andrew Schneider, Scott Shepherd,
Casey Spooner, and Kate Valk

The Wooster Group CRY, TROJANS! Photo by Tim Hailand
In CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida), The Wooster Group takes a decidedly American approach to the Trojan side of Shakespeare’s dark and scabrous Trojan War play. A vexing tale of sincere love corrupted and the downfall of a noble hero.

Photo by Tim Hailand

Upcoming Performances

St. Ann’s Warehouse

March 24 – April 19, 2015
29 Jay Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
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May 19 – 23, 2015
Kaaitheater, Sainctelettesquare 20
Brussels, Belgium
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CRY, TROJANS! originated as a coproduction with the Royal Shakespeare Company of Troilus and Cressida at the World Shakespeare Festival in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympics. In that collaboration, the two companies took opposite sides in the Trojan War: the Wooster Group staged the Trojan scenes while the RSC staged the Greek ones. Scenes with both Greeks and Trojans were staged by both, each side developing its own version. The companies worked separately and without consultation until they met a few weeks before performances to sew the two halves of the show together. The seam was intentionally left rough so that the contrast of artistic approaches remained a foreground feature of the production, accenting the face-off of warring cultures in the play.

Seeking a decidedly American angle from which to encounter the RSC and the language of Shakespeare, the Wooster Group reimagined the Trojans as a pastiche fictional tribe of early Americans struggling to assert its dignity as doom closes in.

Following the special engagement with the RSC, the Wooster Group returned to New York and converted the collaboration into an independent piece. The spirit of the absent collaborator/enemy still manifests in various ways, but CRY, TROJANS! concentrates on the Trojan side of the story: the corruption of sincere love and the downfall of a noble hero.

Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte, CRY, TROJANS! (TROILUS & CRESSIDA) features performances by Ari Fliakos, Jennifer Lim, Greg Mehrten, Suzzy Roche, Andrew Schneider, Scott Shepherd, Casey Spooner, Kate Valk, and Gary Wilmes. We are collaborating with visual artist Folkert de Jong on set elements, props and costumes and with composer and sound artist Bruce Odland on the sound score. And Jennifer Tipton is lighting this new production.

Production Credits

CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida)
Text by William Shakespeare

With Jim Fletcher, Ari Fliakos, Koosil-ja, Greg Mehrten, Suzzy Roche, Andrew Schneider, Scott Shepherd, Casey Spooner, and Kate Valk

Directed by Elizabeth LeCompte
Set Elements, Props, Costumes: Folkert de Jong, Delphine Courtillot
Sound: Bruce Odland
Live Sound Mix: Bobby McElver, Max Bernstein
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
Video, Projections, Control Interfaces: Andrew Schneider
Stage Manager: Teresa Hartmann
Assistant Director: Jamie Poskin
Assistant Costumes: Enver Chakartash
Assistant Lighting: Ryan Seelig
Wardrobe, Make-up: Naomi Raddatz
Production Manager: Emily Rea
Technical Director: Bill Kennedy
Video Totems: Ruud van den Akker, Aron Deyo
Rigger: Eric Dyer
Master Electrician: Andy Sowers
Sound Consultant: Jim Dawson

CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida) began as a co-production with the Royal Shakespeare Company. That original production, TROILUS AND CRESSIDA, was commissioned by the RSC for the World Shakespeare Festival, produced for the London 2012 Olympics Festival. Co-directors for the original production: Elizabeth LeCompte and Mark Ravenhill. Additional credits for the original production: Greek cast: Joe Dixon, Scott Handy, Aidan Kelly, Clifford Samuel, Zubin Varla, and Danny Webb. Trojan cast: Zbigniew Bzymek, Jibz Cameron, Ari Fliakos, Marin Ireland, Jennifer Lim, Bobby McElver, Greg Mehrten, Bruce Odland, Andrew Schneider, Scott Shepherd, and Gary Wilmes. Designers for the Greeks: Laura Hopkins and Nigel Edwards. Music for the Greeks: Dave Price. Props and costume design for the Trojans: Studio Folkert de Jong with Delphine Courtillot. Music director for the Trojans: Bruce Odland.

Special thanks for this project to Michael Boyd, Rupert Goold, Laura Hopkins, Deborah Shaw, and Jeremy Adams of the RSC, and to Tim Carroll, Alex Hassell, Bozkurt Karasu, and Ruth Mackenzie.

Special project funds were generously provided by the National Endowment for the Arts; the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam; The Rolex Institute; and the CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida) Producers’ Circle: George Ahl, Francesca Connolly, Wendy vanden Heuvel, Jennifer and Kristopher John, Diane and Adam Max, and Michael Tracy.

Production History

2012 November-December: rehearsals at The Performing Garage (as TROILUS & CRESSIDA)
2013 April-June: rehearsals at The Performing Garage (as TROILUS & CRESSIDA)
2013 September-December: CRY, TROJANS! rehearsals at The Performing Garage (open rehearsals Oct. 17 & 24 and Nov. 1 & 7)
2014 January 8-February 15: CRY, TROJANS! performances at The Performing Garage
2014 February 27-March 9: CRY, TROJANS! performances at REDCAT in Los Angeles, California
2014 September 3-9: rehearsals at The Performing Garage
2014 September 18-21: CRY, TROJANS! performances at the Singapore International Festival of Arts, SOTA Theatre, Singapore. (This engagement was supported by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.)